Health Information About Crumb Rubber

Whether you are a Turf Business or a Customer, you like to know what you are putting in your yard. There is all types of artificial turf, you an learn about the different types from AGR, however what they do all have in common is they use a type of infill. Crumb rubber is a product created by shredding and granulating rubber tires once the steel and tire cord are removed. This product has been tested for harmful chemicals, as well as possible health risks; however, the findings are not exactly complete as of this time. There have been chemicals such as poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, metals, and even BPA found in the product. These are all harmful carcinogens, and presents the notion that further research is necessary before the product is continually used as a filler for turf grass, on playgrounds, or playing fields.

After testing for harmful substances in a laboratory it was found that crumb rubber leached harmful chemicals that can cause cellular death; this only occurs when high heat is present. However, the product is used for outdoor use, and therefore is subjected to high heats at various times. When the product was tested in reference to mice, the results showed that low levels of crumb rubber chemicals were present in the blood and urine of the mice.

There have been multiple studies that have concluded the use of crumb filler has very little health risks compared to the advantages it presents. Although, there have been soccer coaches that have seen an increase in adolescents with cancer that have played on a field that utilizes crumb rubber. These findings coincided with the goalies who often dive or skid frequently throughout the game.

It appears at this time there is a need for further testing and scrutiny of crumb rubber in reference to chemicals and health side effects. Many of the chemicals that have been found in the rubber pellets have not previously been deemed harmful. However, there are new chemicals being banned every day, and many of the chemicals are present in the crumb rubber. Therefore, if there is a better option at hand, then it is wise to choose a product that is more economically friendly and has not been proven harmful to the health of individuals or pets who encounter the product.